Dating apps for your Zodiac

I don’t know anything about you, why you’re single, or why you’re reading this article. But, because nothing even matters anymore, let me give you dating app suggestions based on your zodiac sign:

Hinge: Dating & Relationships

“Ready for your next relationship?” asks the app creators of Hinge. I like this question because it could imply an impending emotional breakdown wherein you’re forced to develop a relationship with yourself. Anyway, Hinge allows users to present themselves through questions and simple facts. The app encourages users to seek out meaningful relationships, so Hinge would be most compatible with an Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Sagittarius. Each of these signs are known as sensitive, creative, thoughtful and passionate.

Coffee Meets Bagel

“Guys make the first move. Ladies have the final choice” is the Coffee Meets Bagel slogan. It’s heteronormative AF. I don’t want to have coffee or eat a bagel with anyone on Coffee Meets Bagel—but for shits and giggles—if you’re a Capricorn, Taurus, or Cancer, please try this app and report back to me. I demand to know: Did you actually eat a bagel? LIES!


So, nobody actually likes running. Coincidentally, nobody likes Virgos either, except for Pisces and Cancer signs. Sweatt is a dating app that allows users to find each other based on similar workout interests. This is perfect for Virgos, who are often distrustful of others and overly competitive. It’s a match!

Bumble: meet new people

“Date. Meet friends. Network.” Bumble requires women to make the first move, and their match has 24 hours to respond. If you have a job, friends, family, goals or hobbies, this app is going to be difficult to use. You have to be dedicated to meeting potential partners. Bumble is best suited for Libras, Aries, and Sagittarius signs because it requires their cooperation, social skills, and determination.


Tinder is perfect for the brave and secretive Scorpio who also enjoys a good joke. Scorpios are best matched with Taurus and Cancer signs, but let’s face it: If you’re using Tinder, you’re probably not looking for a relationship anyway.


“Dating deserves better,” insists OkCupid’s home screen. We all deserve better, OK? Users can search for others with similar interests and unlock further connections by answering questions. OkCupid is perfect for the curious, cheerful and affectionate Gemini or Leo.

Jan. 20–Feb.18
Best app: Hinge
Close second: OkCupid

Feb. 19–March 20
Best app: Hinge
Close second: Sweatt, Tinder

March 21–Apr. 19
Best app: Hinge
Close second: Bumble, OkCupid

Apr. 20–May 20
Best app: Tinder
Close second: Sweatt, CMB

May 21–June 20
Best app: OkCupid
Close second: Hinge, Bumble

June 21–July 22
Best app: Tinder
Close second: Sweatt, CMB

July 23-Aug. 22
Best app: OkCupid
Close second: Hinge, Bumble

Aug. 23–Sept. 22
Best app: Sweatt
Close second: CMB, Tinder

Sept. 23–Oct.22
Best app: Bumble
Close second: Hinge, OkCupid

Oct. 23–Nov. 21
Best app: Tinder
Close second: Sweatt, CMB,

Nov. 22–Dec. 21
Best app: Hinge
Close second: Bumble, OkCupid

Dec. 22–Jan. 19
Best app: CMB
Close second: Tinder, Sweatt