DIY Halloween costumes and where to get the materials

When it comes to picking out your Halloween costume, you could be the type that decides the night before or the type that plans months in advance. Either way, having a clever costume is always the best route. And something that I always find to be key when making my costume is to make sure I’m comfortable! There’s nothing worse than wanting to take off your costume after four hours of putting it together.

One of the easiest costumes I’ve found is the Fannie Mae. All you have to do is tape or staple the May page from a calendar to your fanny.

If that’s not the direction you want to go, take a handful of nickels and glue them to the back of your shirt and you’ve got Nickelback.

Still not floating your boat? Grab or borrow a bra that’s way too large for you, get maybe 10 or so spices from your shelf, put the bra on the outside of your shirt, stuff the spices into the bra and you’ve got yourself a spice rack.

If these aren’t complex enough for you, grab your pom-poms and an old shirt, write “go ceiling” on the shirt, and you’ve just made yourself a ceiling fan.

Looking for something on the cuter side? Try one of these:

Take a large, clear trash bag, cut holes out for your arms and legs, write the nutrition facts for jelly beans on the back with Sharpie, blow up some colored balloons, stuff them inside the bag, get in, and you just became a bag of jelly beans, my friend.

Or, if that’s not doing it for you, grab your favorite basketball jersey, an inflatable donut, a toy hoop and a basketball, carry that around with you, and now you’re dunkin’ donuts. Just don’t forget to dunk!

Planning ahead is always best. But sometimes work, school or life can just get in the way of that—understandably so. If that’s the case, then be sure to check out these stores for last-minute treasures:

Red Light Clothing Exchange on Hawthorne is your year-round go-to for any clothing out of the ordinary. From miscellaneous costumes to monocles, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

If Red Light didn’t have what you were looking for, just across the street is Buffalo Exchange. Although still vintage, the clothes have more of a modern twist.

For cheap knickknacks and things you won’t mind ruining for your costume’s sake, Goodwill is your one-stop shop. Just be careful to avoid the high-end ones; you won’t find costume essentials that are nearly as good at those.

These are just a few out of an endless array of shops and costume ideas to get the ball rolling for your Halloween. Word of advice: Start thinking about it now.