Do Jocks Rock?

At the age of 14, most people decide whether sports are for squares and if rock ‘n’ roll is radical. While those who choose art and music over sports are not always the best athletes, some can reconcile their innate “rock ‘n’ rolling” with their love of athletics.


Rudy Sheffron


What position do you play?

Offensive line.


What kind of music do you listen to?



What artists do you like?

I like Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks.


Do you listen to any rock music?

Yeah, I like rock music.


What do you like?



Have you ever heard of a group called Les Rallizes Denudes?

No, uh –


They’re Japanese.

Okay, I’m not uh – into uh –


They do a lot of acid. Have you ever done acid?

No –


Never in your life?

Never in my life.


Have you ever felt like you were on some kind of drug but you weren’t? Like really confused?



When was it?

Um – probably when I got knocked out on the football field.


When was that?

Three years ago.


Did it hurt?



I don’t think acid is supposed to hurt.

It’s not?


I don’t think so.

That’s good.


You should try it.

What the hell is this for anyway?



Adrien Limburg


What position do you play?

Right tackle.


Is there any sort of music you like to listen to before you get out on the field?

Rap music.


What artists?

Kick The Snake, young Jay Z, X-rated, you feel me? Tupac, stuff like that to get my juice pumping, get my blood pumping.


Do you listen to any rock music at all?

Yup, I like the Gorillaz, I listen to Papa Roach sometimes before the games. White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers sometimes.


What’s your favorite song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

“Under the Bridge.”


Have you ever drawn blood under the bridge?



Not at all?

[Long pause] nope.


Good. Keep on keeping on!

Right on.