Do you like it? redux

There’s been a changing of the guard. Yes, that’s right – the revered Mr. Miles, renowned campus DJ and hip-hop enthusiast, has stepped down. The proverbial reigns are now held by yours truly, the new editor of the Arts and Culture section of the Daily Vanguard.

It is now me telling VG Arts and Culture staffers what to write and how to write it. It’s probably for the better, as I’m a better editor than a writer. And I will edit the hell out of Ritchie and Angie and Aaron’s work until their voices are nonexistent. That’s right, I wield the sword, and only the editor-in-chief can get me to step down, but not without a fight (good luck, Ms. Lloyd!).

The editing part might be kind of easy, but deciding what we’ll write about might be hard. You see, there is a lot to cover in this big world of entertainment, and so much of it is so damn crappy. (Do you really care about the “Vanilla Sky” soundtrack? Should I have gone to the press screening of “Joe Somebody”?) But why should I care, right? I mean, if you’re still reading this, you’re obviously a sucker who’ll read anything.

Anyway, so what do we cover? Well, we will continue to tell you about the music we love, the movies we watch again and again, and give you our jaded accounts of the Portland arts scene. We will also strive to cover more campus events than we have in the past, if only to prove that cultural literacy does indeed exist on the South Park Blocks.

We will also warn you of that crappy band before they come out of nowhere to ruin your lunch in the Smith Center dining area, assure you that the hot new P. Diddy record is not worth your money and affirm that the next Drew Barrymore movie will put you to sleep.

That’s not to say we’ll stop going out of our way to find the good stuff out there and rest with the crap that they send us from L.A. Don’t get me wrong, I love L.A. just as much as Randy Newman, but man, I think I have to pass up on that “phoner” with Jack Black about his new college-age targeted movie “Orange County.”

With that, I will leave you. Oh yeah – need a job? We’re hiring.