Drinking games add competion to inebriation

First, the disclaimer: Neither the Vanguard, Portland State University, any state or federal agency, G.W., my mother or the Pope condones or promotes drinking by those under the legal drinking age of 21 or driving while intoxicated.

With that said let’s say this … drinking is a fact of college life, whether fortunate nor unfortunate tends to depend on if you vomit a lung up or whom you wake with. Therefore, like statistics or English literature, it’s something you learn how to handle. And, like the aforementioned classes, hopefully enjoy – responsibly.

To enhance that enjoyment we’ve gathered a list of a few games to facilitate and expedite your college education. Salut!

Perhaps the two founding games to the menagerie are Quarters and Caps. The nice thing about them is the minimum of props and thought they require. Simply bang a quarter on a table into a glass or toss a cap into a cup and drink, drink, drink. If you don’t know how to play these, or can’t figure it out yourself, well … forget it.

A relatively recent innovation in the drinking game has been the movie or sitcom where the repetition of phrases or themes can be easily translated into suds-sucking. Examples: BatBeer, based on the Batman series of shows, movies, cartoons or TV shows. One drinks anytime someone says anything with “bat,” when Robin uses “holy” and an entire beer goes down if you’re watching an original show and Chief O’Reilly says something Irish.

Another favorite, Bondbeer, incorporates the same basic principles. Drink when anyone says “James,” “Bond” or “James Bond.” Most titillating when our hero says, “My name is Bond, James Bond”.

Other TV drinking shows include “The Simpsons,” “Ally McBeal,” “Get Smart” and “Gilligan’s Island.”

One that sounds most amusing as gleaned from www.partyschool.com is a game titled L.L. Cool J. Supposedly he licks his lips rather profusely in his movies. (This is neither a condemnation of Cool J or lip licking, simply an observation.) So basically you drink when he licks and drink twice when he blows someone a kiss. Supposedly you’re drinking constantly. Unfortunately you do have to watch his movies, so … the yin with the yang I suppose.

Now things get complicated because we introduce dice and cards to the milieu. Therefore, we’ll give you a simple dice game and defer to one of the many web pages for more complicated games. Try the previously mentioned www.partyschool.com or www.webtender.com.

Okay, the game is simplistically called Dice: you’ll need two dice and a bunch of beer. First roll a die to decide who rolls first. The player with the lowest point totals starts.

The player must roll both of the dice and perform any number of self-destructive activities according to the result of the roll. Any roll adding up to six and the player takes a drink. If a player rolls double twos, fours or fives they take that many drinks, (two, four or five, not four, eight or 10). If a player rolls double threes, they are penalized twice. Drink once for rolling doubles, and twice for the roll adding up to six. If players roll double ones or sixes, they take shots of the liquor de-unit. Should a player roll a die off the table, they consume half a beer. A player keeps rolling and consuming until he or she comes up with a combination that requires no action, which could take some time.

For pool sharks, there’s the Pool Drinking game. Simply while playing a regular game of pool, you drink if you don’t make a ball in or scratch. Your opponent drinks every time you make a ball and double when the eight ball is sunk. If you knock the eight ball in before you’re supposed to, finish your beer and buy a round.

Well there are just a few of the many, many games out there to get bleary eyed with. Once again, be responsible with your drinking.