E&CR still sitting on senate appointments

On Monday a meeting was held by the E&CR to discuss Caine Lowery’s uncertain appointment as senator.

No decision was reached. The four members of the E&CR could not agree on the matter, reaching a 2-2 split.

What the E&CR did agree upon was to pass a motion stating new senate appointments have to be written out in a letter, signed by the PSU president, and then distributed to the student senate.

The E&CR will hold a meeting again Wednesday to try to reach a decision about Lowery’s position on the senate. If no decision is reached other options will have to be considered to help the decision process.

According to the E&CR Chair Michael Sean Kelly, those options are either adding a fifth member to the E&CR or requesting President Bernstine to have Kelly Gablet, PSU’s assistant attorney general, to get involved.

The first, according to Gablet, is unfavorable because of the length of time it takes for a new E&CR member to go through the senate to be added. The second is a last resort.

The meeting will be held this morning in the Pacific Rim Room, SMSU 326 at 9:00 a.m.

– Stephanie Ryan