Editor Pick of the Week: Sharp Objects

First off, before I get into my pick of the week, I know the last couple (and this one) have been a little on the scary/gruesome side. But hey, it’s October. Don’t worry—when Halloween is over, we will get into the fun, candy-cane, St. Nick, snowman, hot-chocolate kind of stuff. Promise.

Did you go see Gone Girl? Did you love it? I certainly did, and I read the book first. So that’s saying something. I was absolutely enthralled with Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I could not take my eyes off that novel. As with many books that submerse me into the author’s world, I was disappointed that the story had to end.

If you’re in my shoes, or just need a new book that isn’t Biology: Life that Matters, then check out some of Flynn’s other books, such as Sharp Objects. Her novels, however, are not for the lighthearted—if you hadn’t picked that much up from Gone Girl (which you should read first, if you haven’t already). Some of the writing in Sharp Objects can make your spine tingle, but Flynn has a talent for that.

Sharp Objects is about a young reporter who struggles with her inner demons. She had a brief stay at a psych ward before getting handed an assignment from her editor-in-chief that would eventually change everything she knew about her life. She is asked to go investigate and report on two horrendous murders that happened in her hometown—a place she swore she would never go back to.

The twists and turns are truly staggering. The biggie made me yell “NO WAY!” out loud in a quiet coffee shop.

I know you barely have time to eat as a student, but save this one for winter break. It’s a quick book and totally worth the effort of reading on your short days off from school.

Cost: $7 to $9
Where to buy: Amazon, Powell’s Books, Barnes & Noble