Elections around the world

The United States is not the only country electing a new leader this year. Here is a rundown of other countries also engaging in presidential politics:

Bulgaria, Nov. 6. Voting in the presidential elections is compulsory. Second-round voting will occur on Nov. 13 if no candidate wins 50+1 percent of the Nov. 6 vote, in which 21 candidates are running. The main candidates are parliament speaker Tsetska Tsacheva and former air force general Rumen Radev.

Moldova, Nov. 13. Second-round voting from the Nov. 1 election, this is the first presidential election Moldovans have participated in for over 20 years. Two candidates made it to the second round: the pro-Russian socialist Igor Dodon and anti-corruption and pro-European candidate Maia Sandu.

Haiti, Nov. 20. Delayed from October due to Hurricane Matthew, the Haiti election features 27 candidates, and campaigning begins on Nov. 7.

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nov. 27. Postponed until further notice due to “logistical and budgetary constraints,” according to current President Joseph Kabila. The electoral commission said in August that Congo’s voter registry will not be completed until July 2017.

The Gambia, Dec. 1. Date not confirmed. Incumbent President Yaya Jammeh has ceased campaigning believing that Gambians love him so much they will vote for him without being canvassed. Human Rights Watch has criticized the Gambian election process due to arrests, violence, and intimidation directed at opposition activists and leaders.

Austria, Dec. 4. After a delay caused by faulty envelope glue, Austria’s leading candidates are Norbert Hoffer and Alexander Van der Bellen, who won the earlier runoff election that was annulled due to the defective envelopes.

Ghana, Dec. 7. Four candidates are campaigning for election on Dec. 7, with John Dramani Mahama and Nana Akufo-Addo leading the polls.