Eric Noll and Rayleen McMillan respond to Funchess’ resignation

Eric Noll, president of the Associated Students of Portland State University, and Rayleen McMillan, vice president of ASPSU, released a statement earlier today in regard to Tony Funchess and his resignation.

“At 9 am on April 22nd, ASPSU Leadership accepted Tony Funchess’ resignation as Multicultural Affairs Director of ASPSU. We recognize the work that Tony has accomplished for the student body at Portland State and the passion with which he pursued his service.

ASPSU officers are not employees of the University and ASPSU does not seek any knowledge of legal history related to appointees or nominees for any position. Eligibility for membership and removal from membership in ASPSU is solely based on the requirements enumerated in ASPSU’s Constitution and Bylaws. Beyond that, no authoritative justification exists for examining the legal history of any ASPSU officials or removing a student from student government based on legal history.

Moving forward in healing from this situation, the paramount priority of ASPSU Leadership is to be attentive to the needs of multiple traditionally silenced populations: survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse, communities of color, folks with criminal and legal histories, and others. These populations are silenced in different ways via utilization of various oppressions, making this situation extremely harmful. We ask that those who engage in public conversation about this situation be mindful of their impact, be responsive to the needs of others in the space, and recognize that each individual is unique in the way they receive information and process statements. ASPSU Leadership will not tolerate harassment of our officers, our staff, or any student who wishes to engage in dialogue regarding this situation.

We would also like to remind our fellow students that professional mental health assistance is available to Portland State students on a walk-in basis at the Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC).

ASPSU Leadership has not been involved and will continue to refrain from involvement in the elections process and campaigns. Any inquiries of this nature should be directed to the ASPSU Elections Committee and ASPSU Judicial Review Board.”