Event listings for April 13-17

Featured Event
‘In the Heights’
Brunish Theatre
April 14–May 1
7:30 p.m.
Fee: $25–$40
Do you at least know of, if not enjoy, the newest hit musical, Hamilton? Perhaps you saw the opening number at the Grammys. Well, the guy in the lead that played Alexander Hamilton is Lin-Manuel Miranda, and not only does he star in Hamilton, but he was also responsible for the genius show. If you love Hamilton, why not partake in his 2008 hit In the Heights, which concentrates on Latino residents in Manhattan? Lin-Manuel Miranda takes us all to new heights with this personal ode to New York living.

Wednesday, April 13
Arming Sisters
4 p.m.
Native American Center
This self-defense seminar and intensive workshop welcomes all and focuses on introducing the audience to indigenous issues, including community building and historical trauma.

‘Paper Tigers’ Screening
6 p.m.
Smith Memorial Student Union
If you have attended or are interested in learning more about alternative high schools and how they buck common high-school trends and pitfalls, this film screening and panel will help you better understand how the needs of struggling teens are being met.

Thursday, April 14
‘Painting Oregon’s Harvest’
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Oregon Historical Society
Fee: $5-$11
Part of the exciting Chinese-American artistry series on the final leg of its journey to China, this series of paintings by Kathy Deggendorfer concentrates on the citizenship experiences of Chinese Americans looking for a better life in 1882.

‘Church Basement Ladies’
7:30 p.m.
Broadway Rose New Stage
Fee: $20-$44
A lot of Lutherans are funny without knowing they are, and this play, focusing on a group of cooking church ladies in 1960s rural Minnesota, highlights the wit, love and casseroles passed from friend to friend and generation to generation.

Friday, April 15
Reporting Live Capstone
12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
East Hall, room 109
If you’re not locked into a capstone, there are some great opportunities to travel abroad and record your experiences for credit. Come reach out to these Education Abroad peer advisers and find out more about the capstone-sans-America experience.

Lounge Against the Machine
8 p.m.
McMenamins Crystal Ballroom
Fee: $30-$35
Richard Cheese and his band are the heroes of all the lounge lizards in the world. Nothing is better than taking songs like “Wrecking Ball” and making them into those Michael Buble-esque pop standards that take the blues right away.

Saturday, April 16
Design Week Portland
Multiple Venues
Design and craft aren’t just about forming and glazing pretty ceramic ashtrays to give to your parents for birthday gifts when you’re eight. Craft and design are about the exploration of culture and social relevance. Look for RACC-inspired seminars and talks at 2016.designweekportland.com to see all the events happening throughout the city.

‘The Fly’
7:30 p.m.
Hollywood Theatre
Fee: $9
Jeff Goldblum is a mad scientist working on genetics, and crazy things happen. An actual fly is involved. Cronenberg’s Frankenstein monster lives on in campy infamy, and who doesn’t want to see Jeff Goldblum at his Goldblumiest?

Sunday, April 17
Race for the Roses
Oregon Convention Center
Look for fees and registration info at race4theroses.org. This run raises money for the Albertina Kerr Foundation. Once you’ve finished the 5K, 10K or half-marathon, your staging area and after-party mimosa will be at the Convention Center along with some swag you can get to further support the mission of Albertina Kerr.

Portland Tweed Ride
2 p.m.
Lownsdale Square
If you’re a picnic and bike-ride kind of person, join the leisurely suited and leisurely paced 10-mile picnic route, celebrating spring and a mystery end spot that is yet to be revealed. Picnicking will happen throughout the course, so probably not for the race-minded among us. Bowler hats and temperance ladies encouraged to attend!