Events March 18-27

March 18: Salah Abdeslam is arrested in Brussels on charges as being one of the terrorists involved in the Parisian attacks in November of last year.

March 20: President Obama lands in Cuba as the first U.S. President in 88 years to visit the nation.

March 22: Brussels, Belgium is attacked by ISIS leaving over 30 dead and over 250 wounded. The event was executed through a series of shootings and bombings at Brussels airport and a main metro station.

March 22: President Obama makes a historic speech in Cuba. He speaks to the people of Cuba as well as Cuban Americans highlighting a better future for the nation and its people.

March 25: Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that U.S. military believes they killed ISIS leader Hajji Imam, an ISIS senior leader serving as a finance minister as well as responsible for external affairs and terrorist plots.

March 27: Christians are targeted in an attack by the Taliban faction Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, killing at least 65 people and leaving hundreds injured.