Explore your options with SexPositive Portland

If you are open with your sexuality and want to be around like-minded people of all ages over 18, or want to experiment, educate or venture into different aspects of the sexual world, check out the Meetup group, SexPositive Portland.

The group is based off of the philosophy of sex positivity which encourages experimentation and sees every sexual identity and act as healthy as long as it is consensual. SexPositive also focuses on sexual education in areas such as consent, sexual health and risk-aware sex.

Founded in 2009, SexPositive Portland was inspired by other SexPositive groups in the country that focus on welcoming people of all orientations and identities into their community including heteros, gays, trans, bi’s, monos, polys or whatever title(s) you relate to.

If you are interested in joining, you will need to fill out an application which will be reviewed by members of SexPositive. They also have an abundance of hetero men members and are currently seeking gay, bi, or other orientation men to keep variety in the group. So if you are a hetero man, your application may be placed on the wait-list. If you are accepted, you will move through four different levels depending on the event.

Every SexPostive event is categorized into four different levels:
Level One: Social and Educational (including outings and workshops)
Level Two: Sensual (including events like snuggle parties)
Level Three: Sexy (sexual teasing)
Level Four: Sexual (which includes specific rules for each event)

Low cost events (funded through members or fundraisers) such as dinner outings, sex-positive theater or dungeon and club visits are regularly available for members, along with educational classes, socials, workshops and discussion groups. After you are accepted into the group, details on level four events will be provided.

This group offers a supportive and educational environment for those looking to expand their sexual experiences or sexual partners. Although SexPositive values the anything-consensual-goes motto, they also find it vital to set your own boundaries which will be respected at every event. If you find yourself interested, put in your application and learn more on their Meetup page.