Exploring the free answer

Tired of paying those ludicrous athletic club dues especially when the athletic club is extremely far away and a complete burden to visit just to work out for a couple of hours? Cancel your health club membership because Portland State has an answer. A free answer.


The Peter W. Stott Center is on campus and is a lot more feasible and convenient. Plus it has an artificial turf field, two gyms, rooftop tennis courts, racquetball courts, squash courts, weight rooms and even a 25-meter pool. Sounds like music to any athlete’s ears.


The Stott Center offers various recreational options for students, alumni, staff and guests. With so many recreational opportunities it has an activity or sport that will satisfy anyone’s taste. The center is perfect for a midday pick-up game of basketball with some buddies or a calming twilight run around the track. It is a great place to alleviate the stress of a long day at school or work and help you forget a bombed test.


Before having the privilege of using the Stott Center some preliminary issues must be addressed. The Stott Center staff requires that any student using their services to carry their Portland State identification card with them at all times. Staff has the liberty to request photo identification at anytime, so be prepared!


Prior to using the racquetball courts, squash courts, rooftop tennis courts or either the small or large gym a wristband must be obtained.  Wristbands are issued in the locker rooms. Bands will only be provided for current students or members and must be worn on the wrist at all times while using these specific services.  Remember no band, no service, no exercise and no fun.


Several of the amenities require signing up before use. This precaution is necessary to avoid crowded courts and rooms. Having three tennis matches going on in the same court at one time may become slightly confusing. So be sure to confirm the availability of these courts in the Student Recreation Office, located in PSC Room 121.  


The Stott Center has an abundance of athletic services to ensure that Portland State students and staff stay conditioned and in tip-top shape.


Basketball can be played in either the large or small gym. This is a great venue for pick-up basketball games, recreational games or even a friendly game of pig. Recreational games are scheduled at various days and times during the week. So go out and break a few ankles and swat a few shots. 

For anyone who loves the feeling of smashing a forehand winner or hitting an amazing backhand volley there are four tennis courts to satisfy your urge. Best of all these courts are lit for night games and are on the roof, yielding a great view of the campus.


Racquetball aficionados will thoroughly enjoy the four courts available, be sure to check the sign-up sheet in the Student Rec. Office before playing. Squash courts follow the same policy of signing up prior to use.


f you take pleasure in lifting weights or just want to bulk up a little you will be glad to know that the Stott Center offers state of the art weight lifting equipment. Weight rooms have machines and weight lifting options for anyone and every occasion.  


Whether it is relieving stress, weight training or simply trying to stay in shape the training room seems to be a favorite with everyone. The Stott Center has this covered with a circuit training room that is comprised of stair machines, exercise bikes, treadmills, stretching machines and rowing machines.


The aquatics center is an awesome place to have some fun with a few friends. In addition to just chilling in the water there are a variety of means to get involved in if you enjoy swimming with the fish. There are “family night” and “fun swim” sessions, also check out signing up with the swimming and driving clubs at the swimming office.


Also check out the field, which is open to every PSU student, faculty member or guest. If it is open then go out and play frisbee, football, soccer or any other activity that your creative mind can think up. Lets not get too creative though; make sure it is somewhat sports related.


So drop by the Stott Center and check it out next time you are sitting around with some friends bored out of your minds. It is so close and convenient. I promise you will be hooked because with so many options for activities there has to be something that you find enjoyable. Whether it is a competitive game of smash-mouth football or a late night swim get up, turn off the TV and unwind for a while.               


For more information about the Peter W. Stott Center visit www.aux.pdx.edu/psc or call the Student Rec. Office at 503-725-2990.