Fight with preacher results in one arrest

A Portland State University student was arrested late Tuesday in connection with an altercation with Daniel J. Lee, better known as “Preacher Dan”.

According to witnesses, a student describing himself as African American began to perform a political rap commenting on Lee’s preaching, sharing the Park Blocks stage with Lee.

Lee addressed the man directly, accusing him of being a sinner.

As the interchange progressed, witnesses recall Lee relating racially-charged remarks such as “stupid black man.”

The student stood between Lee and the crowd that was forming.

Lee pushed the man aside, and the man responded by knocking a paper from Lee’s hands, witnesses said.

According to accounts, Lee then pushed the man harder, who then allegedly punched Lee.

“I just saw that man deck him and I called security,” said one witness.

Lee then asked his wife to call the police.

He then reportedly picked his son up, and held the boy between himself and the man who had allegedly punched him.

Another witness, who only saw the man punch Lee, called Campus Public Safety.

By the time police arrived, a large crowd had formed.

As officers cuffed the student alleged to have assaulted Lee and escorted him away, the crowd called for the arrest of Lee as well.

“A group of students of various races were asking why Dan wasn’t being arrested as well,” one student witness said.

After Police and Public Safety officers left, Lee confirmed that he had called the man “a stupid black man.”

“He was a stupid man,” Lee said.

Lee dismissed onlookers’ concerns for the safety of his child.

“He wasn’t in danger. I knew that doing that would make that black man calm down and he did,” Lee said.

Campus Public Safety declined to comment as the arrest was made by Portland Police on Portland public property.

The Park Blocks stage that Lee performs on is not governed by Campus Public Safety, as it is not a part of the PSU campus.