From the hill to the hall: July 18-24

Recapping the week in politics from DC to PDX

Senator falls ill

Senator John McCain (R–AZ) was diagnosed with a fairly aggressive type of brain cancer, a statement relayed on Wednesday, July 19. This cancer has an extremely low survival rate, but the senator is nonetheless seeking treatment. Senator McCain has served in his position since 1987. The senator has stated he will be back to work soon.

ACA repeal falls apart

With Senators Mike Lee (R–UT) and Jerry Moran (R–KS) coming out against the “repeal and replace” plan, and steadfast opposition to a “repeal and do nothing” plan quickly coalescing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s efforts to pass a repeal of the Affordable Care Act are currently stalled.

Oregon representative taken to court over Pride flag

Oregon’s Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D–OR3) was recently notified he was party to a suit alongside Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D–CA47) and Rep. Susan Davis (D–CA53) that alleges pride flags flown in the hallways of House office buildings are a violation of the Constitution’s establishment clause, since homosexuality is akin to a religion, according to the complainant. The complainant previously attempted to sue for the right to marry his computer in order to scuttle pro-marriage equality rulings. For their part, it seems unlikely that these Congress members will remove their flags.

Trump hits six-month mark

President Donald Trump has hit the six-month mark in his presidency.

Trump son, son-in-law and confidant called to testify in front of Senate committee

Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner, and Trump confidant Paul Manafort have all been called before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify on the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia. Committee Chair Grassley (R–IA) has promised a subpoena if any of the called refuse to appear before him.

Damn the man, save Peterson’s! Wednesday, July 26, 9:30 a.m.

Plans to renovate the SW 10th and Alder Smart Park are finally coming to fruition, which has caused a great deal of panic among the supporters of Peterson’s Convenience Store. The long-lived convenience store’s owner is claiming that new rules would cause them to be kicked out, so public testimony will be taken by supporters in yet another effort to get the Portland City Council to reconsider.