Get your vegan on without going far

A guid to delicious and nutritious vegan eats on and near campus.

1948 SW Broadway
Easily some of the best chain restaurant food out there. Order the vegetarian option (avoid the pinto beans—they’re cooked in bacon), omit the cheese and sour cream and your meal is vegan. The chili-corn salsa, cilantro-lime rice and guacamole are highly recommended.

Food For Thought Café
Portland State Smith Memorial Student Union, 026
The selection can be extremely limited some days, and it seems like their previously consistent baked vegan offerings have been seriously curtailed. Still, if you get there at the right time on the right days, chances are you’ll be more than satisfied with the cafe’s always-changing menu. If they’ve got them in, don’t hesitate to add a cookie to your lunch—it’s definitely worth it.

Hot Lips Pizza
1909 SW Sixth Ave.
It’s hard to find a good, truly flavorful pizza without the cheese—except at Hot Lips. Their vegan focaccia is crazy good, topped with the usual veggies and wonderful little cloves of garlic that aren’t overpowering. And don’t forget to grab a bottle of Hot Lips’ own fruit soda, in flavors like blackberry and apple.

Abu Rasheed
1921 SW Sixth Ave.
Their incredibly convenient location is near the Ondine and Broadway buildings, reasonably priced, relaxed atmosphere and great food. The lentil soup and vegetarian grape leaves are good options. Definitely try the hummus—it’s topped with paprika, olive oil and some little pickles. To drink, go with one of the fruit nectars like mango or guava.

Vegan-friendly food carts:

Fernando’s Mundo Fiesta
Southwest Fourth Avenue and College Street
A vegan-friendly cart with a variety of burritos, wraps and sandwiches. The vegan burritos include beans, rice and a variety of vegetables, including cactus. The vegan wraps contain tofu, vegetables and homemade dressings. Ask for less dressing if you don’t want your wrap to drip all over the place.

Asaase Ital Palace
Southwest Fourth Avenue College Street
An exciting addition to the Portland food scene, Asaase is the only place to get Ital food (that’s vegetarian Jamaican food, celebrated by Rastafarians) in town. The cart is all-vegan and offers restaurant-quality food for affordable prices.

New Taste of India
Southwest Fourth Avenue and College Street
Decent and affordable Indian food. There is always a vegetarian lunch special that can be made vegan, and one portion can feed a person for days.

Koi Fusion
Roaming – Check for location
The concept is Korean-Mexican fusion, and it’s delicious. The tofu tacos, in handmade corn tortillas, are highly recommended. The tofu burrito is more portable but the rice just dilutes the greatness of the marinated tofu, kimchi and all the other fixings.

Basha’s Mediterranean Cuisine
Southwest Harrison Street and Park Avenue
Quality Middle Eastern food on the cheap. Get some delicious crispy falafel and eat it in the Park Blocks. The spinach pie is perfectly seasoned and makes a great snack. Plenty of vegan options, mostly labeled.

Honkin’ Huge Burritos
Southwest Harrison Street and Park Avenue
These burritos live up to their name, so order a small unless you are sharing your lunch with a small army. The cart is all vegetarian, and vegans save 50 cents. Burritos are tasty but a little bland. Fortunately, a variety of hot sauces are provided.