Govinda offers new sound

Erotic Rhythms From Earth
Earthtone Records
Released May 8

A dab of Gypsy music and a pinch of trance, mix ’em together, and you have Govinda. This weird, yet strangely cool, concept is the child of a classically trained musician whose performance style mesmerizes a wide audience.

Shane O’Madden, creator of this new genre, hails from Austin, Texas. Like everything else in that state, his desire to make music was big.

“I fell in love with the violin when I was eight years old and started playing classical music. I became interested in gypsy music and other music that represents my ancestry, which got me into the world music scene – specifically Middle Eastern, Indian, Celtic and southern Spanish music. I began to blend this music with a more danceable, kind of trip-hoppy, funky psychedelic sound.”

Shane has found the perfect record company to bring his music to the world. Earthtone Records, sister label of Sonic Images Records, has taken on the daunting task of creating a single global community.

Their Web site says it best. “Our goal is to increase awareness of our diverse, ever-expanding planetary community. As borders between nations fall and the world economy grows increasingly interdependent, we feel that an insight into other cultures is crucial to understanding the changes taking place in our global family. By bringing you the music of many nations, we hope to further your understanding of the vast diversity of human culture and harmony between peoples.”

Earthtone records beautiful music from around the world and hopes it will be enjoyed for years to come. They employ Govinda and a host of other artists, who draw inspiration from Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America, as they reach back to ancient musical traditions. With an Earthtone title you will get inspiring exotic music and a taste of different cultures.

“As our audience has informed us, our music is ideal to set the atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, massage and healing bodywork. Earthtone Records offers music suitable for pure listening pleasure for any occasion.”

Govinda accomplishes this and more on two albums to date. Critics hail, O Earthly Gods as “A mix of hauntingly seductive melodies of gypsy violin and guitar with ethnic styles from Spain, India and Ireland all woven into textures of deep groove, ambiance and modern psychedelia.” Audio clips from the Internet emit a desolate sound reminiscent of the “Gladiator” soundtrack.

Govinda’s next addition to the world music community comes across a bit different. This time, “Entwined & Entranced,” goes with a more energetic vibe. The percussion is snappy, with a variety of middle-eastern lyrics to keep the excitement topped out. Scores from the “Three Kings” soundtrack could have found inspiration here.

All of this sound a little foreign? It is, but that doesn’t mean that it is far away. Govinda happens to be on tour right now and guess where they’re headed next? That’s right, Portland. You can hear them play at the Cobalt Lounge on April 27, or at the Ohm on the 28th. For those of you interested in a new sound, a mellow vibe, or just a good time then you already have your weekend planned.