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The Vanguard received a lot of feedback in response to Dylan Tanner’s October 14th column, “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat drug addict” on our website, People disagreed upon how commentary concerning Rush Limbaugh and his erroneous drug addiction should be handled. Other than that, respondents to the opinion editor seemed to have a lot in common -a lot of free time. -Editor

Way to make up a story, you fucking idiot. If anything you said was true, then you are just as guilty of drug abuse. Get off your fucking ass and write some real journalism.


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You make me sick. God forbid you ever have a bad thing happen to you. Go ahead and pile on, must people learn young, that putting down other folks does not really make you any better.

Interesting that the only positive comment in here is from an illiterate.



“He among you who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”


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Gulf Breeze

Hey Jack,

I think most of the criticism was revolving around the article, not the defense of Limbuagh. Basically the gripes are about typical liberal reporting: If the facts aren’t good enough, make up a bunch of sh*t. The hypocrisy of you and other Democrats criticizing Limbaugh for his comments while remaining silent when a Democratic Congressman calls a Republican a “fruitcake” and “****sucker” is glaring.



Lake Oswego

I thought it was a hilarious story and the people who commented here are Limbaugh fans so ignore their ignorance and keep up with the hilarious stories. I loved it and Limbaugh is an idiot.



Attention ditto heads,

A ditto is a small mark that you use to repeat something verbatim, without actually having to expend any effort.

So by calling people ditto heads you accuse them of only repeating exactly what they are told with no independent thought. You might as well call them mindless parrots.

I find it amusing that Rush not only refers to his most loyal listeners as mindless parrots, but he has gotten them to do it to themselves with gleefull enthusiasm.

Last time I listened to his show (an infrequent pastime), he said that French President Jacques Chirac should be happy about the thousands of recent heat related deaths in France because his government would no longer have to supply costly social services to them.

And you ditto heads think this man deserves your compassion?




This was a great opinion article. You could tell because of it’s extreme nature that it was meant to make a point but not meant to be taken as truth. I found it quite funny. Don’t worry Republicans, this is called satire. In my opinion Rush is an uptight hypocrit who can suck a donkey’s nut. Good article, keep up the good work.



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around the bend

The story was great, and for all you people that are mad about it…IT’S IN THE OPINION SECTION. oh yeah, and it wasn’t on the edge of slander. It was on the edge of libel.



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