Hillary is the only leader we should have

Hillary Clinton will make a damn fine president.

No one else in the race has the same level of experience to lead our country or to make tough decisions like she does. Sanders comes close, but in many ways he’s a populist movement masquerading as a presidential candidate.

Clinton has spent most of her life in national and international politics, including her stint as Secretary of State, a job that seems tailor-made to prepare her for the presidency. The Secretary of State makes deals that are in the nation’s best interest, and Clinton shined in that position: She did a better job than several of her predecessors and her only successor.

Many presidential candidates (hell, many candidates for public office regardless of government level) are simply a vote for “not the other guy”, meaning, of course, a vote for that particular candidate is simply a vote to keep someone more odious out of office. Many candidates over the years have had this questionable appeal: Mondale, Dukakis, Carter (who managed to pull it off), McGovern. But not Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has stood up and said, loud and clear, that she plans to actually govern and not sit idly by and play childish games. She is not corrupt or a career loser, she is not a criminal or a theocrat or a fascist like her opponents. Sanders certainly isn’t either, but he doesn’t have the experience Clinton does.

Now, Clinton is not perfect. Her biggest negative is the fact that she’s a war hawk and one single drop of American blood spilled in an unjust war is a moral crime. However, I’m not convinced that after so many years of pointless bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan the American people will be willing to put up with another war. She’s also arrogant, as the faux e-mail “scandal” has proven. But none of the negatives outweigh her positives and our country simply cannot afford to be led by a theocrat or a fascist.

We will all soon be faced with a choice for leader of our country and for me the choice is clear. I want a true leader, someone with vision and experience and guts. That person is not Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or John Kasich or, I’m sorry to say, Bernie Sanders.

I want someone who will stand up to the crazies in Congress, truly push for what is right, and not allow our country to return to the economic and social dark days we suffered through so recently. Considering that, come Election Day, the other choice for leader of the free world will likely be a loudmouth fascist who has single-handedly proven correct the theories of David Dunning and Justin Kruger, Clinton is the only rational choice for president. She may not be the most ideal candidate, but she’s certainly the best candidate we have right now.

Regardless of your personal politics, getting out and voting is more important, by far, than who you vote for. We have very few true patriotic duties in this country and voting is one of them. It’s an honor to be able to help choose the leader of our country.