In Brief

Legitimacy of marriages underfire
Multnomah County Circuit Judge Frank Bearden became the first judgein the nation to legally recognize same-sex marriages on Tuesday,when he handed down an order forcing Multnomah County to stopissuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but also requiringthe state to recognize the over 3,000 licenses already issued.

However, a spokesman for Attorney General Hardy Myers saidWednesday that it is likely the state will seek a stay of that partof Bearden’s order. The spokesman said forcing the state torecognize the licenses issued so-far would “muddy the waters.”

Explosive lottery games -literally
The Oregon Lottery’s newest game, “Click ‘N Play,” takes the gambleof winning big to a new, high-tech level with a CD-ROM game forhome computers. But there’s a problem right now – the many of thedisks either don’t work, or are exploding in people’scomputers.

The game itself is not part of the lottery – it’s a perk thatcomes with a new $2 scratch-it card. Lottery spokespeople say toreturn any troublesome disks to the retail outlet where it waspurchased.

The exploding CDs have been a rarer occurrence, but any facingthis dilemma should contact the Oregon Lottery.

Apparently the problem was in the manufacturing of the CDs. New,hopefully fixed, CD-ROM games will be out sometime next week.

Run-away attorneys
The two attorneys assigned to defend Ward Weaver, the man accusedof killing two girls in Oregon City in 2002, want off of his case -again.

Michael Barker and Peter Fahy say their client is not fit tostand trial, and also cite a breakdown in communication with theirclient, Weaver, in their request to withdraw.

Weaver’s first lawyer withdrew from the case in March 2003.Barker and Fahy asked to withdraw previously in November, but weredenied. Weaver has also filed motions to fire his attorneys.

On Wednesday, psychiatrists testified in a competency hearingthat Weaver was mentally unfit to stand trial. Prosecutors contendthat Weaver is faking to avoid trial.

Weaver’s trial is currently scheduled for June 1, but thislatest development may again delay his day in court facing murdercharges. If convicted, Weaver may face the death penalty.