In defense of OSPIRG

“…the unique combination of OSPIRG”S student activism and staff expertise make an impact not only on issues, but also students’ lives. Through internships for course credit, education campaigns on campus and research projects, OSPIRG has provided many creative and interactive educational opportunities while providing a powerful voice statewide for public interest. OSPIRG gives students the ability to make a difference both on campus and in the community. I fear that terminating OSPIRG will leave students with fewer opportunities to make an impact on important issues surrounding Oregon’s future…”

Nick Matlick, sophomore, sociology, OSPIRG member

“…I urge the Student Fee Committee to reconsider their initial decision to defund OSPIRG so as to allow students to continue work on protecting the things that make Oregon the beautiful place it is. I ask them to fund the OSPIRG chapter here at Portland State University at least at the 2002-2003 funding level of $119,820…”

Senator Reina Abolofia, junior, music performance