In response to Dylan Tanner’s Nov. 18 column “God save the goon,” concerning President George W. Bush’s ongoing state visit to Great Britain, the blog brigade decided to chime in with thei

Great opinion, how to get it in front of the American public tho?

Jerry Few

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Retired disabled serviceman

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Great article. I`m pro-war but resent Mr. Bush using London as a backdrop for his campaign videos.

Hopefully British steel workers will benefit from this visit, and I wish those Britons held at Guantanamo Bay a speedy end to their suffering – a bullet in the head gets my vote.

Toodle pip!

Chris Webb


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Tanner, great work. The pansy visiting his poodle. So scared is he of wetting his pants, that he has 50 % of the US army in the UK. Lesson here on how terrorists shroud themselves in legitimacy.




An interesting story, lets hope it is still this light hearted during Bush’s visit.


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Chester – UK

You certainly write as though you might know something. Have you met the President, personally? I haven’t read such garbage since one of my students was angry at the principle and called him nasty names. This article hardly passes for journalism.




The good news is, with so little feedback, no one is reading your lame rants.


Dylan? I should have known after reading your name. Have another tofu sandwich punk. I’m a new yorker, you need some clue what life is about. Your hippie wannabe parents screwed you bad. Just think, you will be writing about grunge revival concerts soon. oh wow man.


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This is an opinion article so we are demanding you give us your teachers certificate back. Also, please turn in your Bachelors as well.


From my standpoint, I believe this is read by thousands of university students.

Conservatives suck

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