Ira Kortum:It’s official:ASPSU Senate hits rock bottom

One thing about this world that never ceases to amaze is that just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, that the end of the depths to which a situation can sink has been reached, you are proven completely and utterly wrong.

Take into account the latest actions of the ASPSU government, (please note the use of “the” ASPSU and not “our” ASPSU. It will be explained later) and the Evaluation and Constitutional Review Committee (E&CR).

Since it has now come to light that the termination a few months ago of certain senators was in fact illegal, one would think that from the time of that infraction forward that all decisions, all positions filled, all activities of the ASPSU government have been invalidated and are also, in fact, illegal.

Yet the E&CR voted on and made decisions pertaining to this problem with people who were appointed to their positions AFTER THE ILLEGAL TERMINATION OF SAID SENATORS. Now, this could be a mistake, but isn’t that serving ones own interest? How can the E&CR have domain over an event that took place before it was formed? Or, as it was so succinctly put by one person, “Um … like isn’t that, like unethical, or something?”

Now answer this, if a bubble-gum-chewing valley girl can see it, why can’t the senators of ASPSU see it? But wait, there’s more! ASPSU is not a government body for the students. Unless, of course, the only way to serve the students is to have a self-serving, whining, back-stabbing, posturing, nothing-gets-done, rule-breaking, disrespecting, boo-hoo bitch fest.

Don’t believe it? Go and see for yourself as their actions will speak louder than my words, and be prepared to be pissed.

Some of the senators avoid acting like spoiled teenagers throwing indignant fits, but it would be a lie to say that they are the majority. In a meeting that was supposed to start at 12:45, but actually started at 12:52, here is a brief breakdown of what happened.

1:22 p.m.: The agenda for the day is finally agreed upon and passed. The whole issue with the E&CR, 10 times more important than anything else on the docket, is pushed back to second from the last issue on article 8, new business.

1:22 p.m. on through to 1:35 is old business, then on to new business.

Here it gets a little blurry, time extensions and debate on issues (plus a last-minute arrival from the prez herself) pushed through the quickest interview/vote- in of new senators that has been seen since wartime.

By loose reckoning, more than 26 minutes were spent on the arguing of semantics and personal issues. Like what amendments to make to an issue that already had been put to a motion to be terminated. What?! Isn’t that kinda like saying, “Yeah, I know we haven’t decided on killing the dog just yet, but let’s not talk about that. If we do kill it, what kind of haircut should it have after it’s dead?”

Still think they serve you? A student was given the floor to speak, he was loudly interrupted and then pretty much ignored. This is not new: The members of the Senate have been doing that to each other pretty much throughout the whole meeting in glares, very audible whispers, or outright shouts. Isn’t it supposed to be that when someone is given the floor everyone else is to be respectful and quiet and to listen?

It is one thing to have them do it to themselves, but to do it to a student, someone who ASPSU works for as an elected body …

Regardless of what the senators knew of him, what he was saying or what he stands for was not respected, supported or acknowledged. His student government failed him and in doing so has failed us, and will continue to do so as long as the actions and attitudes of these elected senators stay their current course. How very pathetic; how very disheartening; how very, very sad.