Ira Kortum:Spring for peace

The ’60s callin’ out ta PSU. It’s Spring Break, baby, yeah! So come on all you cool cats and git hep to testin’ the waters with a mini break break before the true blue rule a summer cool jive! Feel the flow that is the love y’all, don’t be hatin’, time a love is nigh. Look about you, find that person that needs love and love them, just ’cause there’s a break happnin doesn’t mean we git a break’in be’in human. Preacher wanna be teacher Dan?

Wherever you at, brother, peace and love, baby, peace and love. A week without the hate we love to give you may it do us all good. Now as y’all flee this scene, this foundation of education to places that suit your fancy, just remember, ladies, whether or not if the place you go requires the apparel you wear to be more or less, experimentation plus flirtation, mixed without maturation just don’t mix. And fella’s, be gentlemen now, no takin’ advantage, and when a true man hears no, he knows it means no. Love is free, children, love is most wondrously and gloriously free, and yet to those who are not responsible children are the fee that is not free. Git me?

Also, let us not be stingy with the love to the boys and girls, our brothers and sisters on forin’ shores. Go ahead and protest that war across the giant pond, but for our own who do the service don’t lose sight ’cause what the government does blinds you to their beauty, a beauty that all have when they serve a thing larger than themselves, a thing that puts the shine on them in an out an throughout, serving a thing called … idea. An also remember no one pass the judgment on no one but the Grand Cat of them all, can you dig? Also, don’t be a stranger man, don’t get lost on this trip this mini escapade, use stones not bread crumbs to find your way back home after the roam. In other words, dear peoples, don’t lose sight of the site where you took flight, as it were.

Go be a beatnik, go be a peacenik, but come back home. Don’t be a hippy, a hippy is the rich man’s child, who can afford to run away and not turn back, not look back, take that three-year holiday. Not so for us the educated inundated, we go on our trips to but we enjoy them more with a point of reference to come back to so we know what it means to go, on, a, trip. We’re that touch of meld that blend of sky and earth that freedom and responsibility, a balance, not too much but never just quite a’nough, survivin’ while still a little hungry. So go on now an git, fly to the greener pasture for a time and rest yourselves on the land a plenty milk an honey. Rediscover what it is to discover yourselves on this sphere, this realm, this rock, this mud ball we call the planet Earth, and come back enriched to enrich us all. Yeah.