It isn’t over til’ it’s over (a love letter from the editor)!

I have waited with baited breath for juicy submissions and you, readers, have disappointed me. Sure I’ve gotten the handful’s of fan letters, self-congratulatory Gresham metal band features, porn reviews (thanks, by the way) and Carrot Top CD reviews, but nothing I can really figuratively sink my teeth into.

I try so hard to give up, not bogart, the art. We’ve brought you theater, visual art, cutting edge music and more, much more. What else do you want?

Maybe you’re mad at me because unlike every other publication in town, we didn’t review the Ape Movie. I saw it. I was entertained. I wasn’t impressed. I wanted to see the old version so as to write a typically marvelous and informed Vanguard movie review. By the time I got out of the Hollywood video line, every paper in town had run reviews.

Or maybe you are angry because of a lack of Radiohead coverage. I’m sick of that damn band. They’re good, yes, but are receiving too much underground and mainstream coverage. They are bogarting the popArt.

Now that I think about it, maybe you do love us? What’s that, you do? Oh thank you so so much! We love you too. We’re getting a little too close though and need to take a break. Let’s say a month, until Sept. 17 or so. Then we will share the squishy pop art once again! Every Wednesday for eight orgasmic pages, all for you!

Please keep the e-mails coming, and if you know any one who wants to get paid for givin’ up the nappy popArts, send ’em my way (see ad below).

My name is Aaron, and I do not work for PIPfest or condone bong hits, thank you very much.