KPSU DJ of the week

Name: Dan Parscale

Age: 23 3/4

Major: Philosophy

Name of show: Medium Rare

Time and day of show: Friday at 9 p.m.

DJ Alias: Bjorgolf Eiderdrake



What’s the focus of your show?

I’m the Loud Rock Director, so I try and play new heavy metal, hardcore and noise that comes in to KPSU. I also mix in ’70s prog and experimental, so I can keep my listeners entertained, but not overwhelmed, by my ass-shattering tunes.


Your top 5 records or songs:

Blackwater Park by Opeth

Chaosphere by Meshuggah

Terrifyer by Pig Destroyer

Angel Dust by Faith No More

Moonmadness by Camel


What else are you involved in musically?

I’m a writer for (I’ve interviewed Brann Dailor and Danny Carey, which was pretty flooring). I’ve also been involved with the late, great band Tantalus Rexx, which fell apart before recording, but was the lyrical subject matter of many Corvallis HxC bands.


Best lyric:

“If you got beef, eat a porkchop” ?”Coolio


First vinyl/cassette/CD you bought and why.

Some anonymous classical disc with animals and nature in the background. I had a whole series from Target. I think it was because, at the time, I hadn’t started drinking.


Listen to KPSU at 1450 AM