Lace your dunks and see some art

TJ Norris, “Nucleo”

Chambers Gallery

207 S.W. Pine St.


Eva Lake, former Vanguardian and proprietress of the outstanding Lovelake Gallery, has been quietly providing Portland’s thoughtful and hardworking artists an outlet with her outstandingly curated Chambers Gallery. This month features “Nucleo,” an installation by TJ Norris. Former curator of the now defunct SoundVision gallery, Norris’ almost claustrophobic photography offers just enough recognizable imagery to allow you to remain grounded but also revel in the abstract qualities of looking close. Mix that with Norris’ sound installation and that grounding goes straight out the window.


Masao Yamamoto, “TheSurroundings of the Archaic Character”

PDX Contemporary Art

925 N.W. Flanders St.


Yamamoto’s photographs, tiny and often intentionally damaged, carry with them a weight disproportionate to their size. His work explores the multiple qualities of moments and events. Each photo, despite its obvious manipulations seems to be breathing out slowly peacefully pleased within its place. Please ignore this bullshit description. This is a powerful show worth seeing.


Robert Donzo, “New Works”


420 N.W. Ninth Ave.


Robert Donzo paints Oregon in heroic, frantic strokes. His large rivers are as much a love letter to the Oregon waters as the writings of Richard Brautigan or David James Duncan. The works size and movement manifests the power of the rivers Donzo paints without feeling overtly provincial or decorative.


“Trippin’ Balls: a Mycological Experience”

V-Gun Gallery

412 S.W. Fourth Ave. 


I cannot begin to tell you how funny a mushroom-themed show is. One time, while on ‘shrooms, I wandered into a Gallery 500 party, complete with a laser show. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen at Gallery 500, and I think I wet my pants. This show is better, much better.