Lace your dunks and see some art!

This weekend is your last chance to see the intimate photos of Lisa Gidley at the Newspace gallery (1632 S.E. 10th Ave.) “Station to Station” is a series of photos taken within a block of New York subway stations that prove that art and public transportation share more than stupid bus poetry and that you don’t need to travel far to relish the details.


Ongoing at Foxfire Teas (4605 N.E. Fremont Ave.) is a collection of portraits by Alison and Elizabeth Sonenfeld. These creepy, melancholic portraits’ soft lines and shading bring to mind every home I visited during the ’70s and ’80s. The sitters however seem to be holding something back, offering up just enough of the story to draw you in but hiding enough to keep you looking.


It’s Last Thursday on Northeast Alberta Street, which means it’s time to lace your dunks and find someplace to park your SUV or chain up your Bianchi before digging your way through craft and crap up and down the street. There are good-looking shows, including hot-shit prints at Fight 64, but the real spectacle is going to be a Northwest cattle drive where PDXers dressed as cows, steers and wranglers will be herding down the street. If you feel like freaking the straights, meet up in costume at Zaytoon’s on Northeast 23rd Avenue and Alberta Street. If you feel like pointing and laughing, well, do so.


Robert Williams, granddaddy of shitty, lowbrow art, will be signing his newest book of shitty lowbrow art at Counter Media on Thursday. It will be a rare appearance to meet this legendary figure maybe have him sign your tits, dude.