Students express lack of enthusiasm for either presidential candidate

The country is on the eve of one of the most controversial elections in modern history, and a lack of interest for either candidate is often found in the younger population. However, the broadcast news media doesn’t necessarily reflect exactly what the younger generation feels. That is why the Vanguard went out and interviewed Portland State students to show their ideas on the topic in a judgment-free environment.

The Vanguard spoke with students to ask them their thoughts on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Martin Pantoja/PSU Vanguard

For the most part, the responses were similar. A generation which felt that regardless of the outcome of the election, the country would be led by an unpopular individual and would be in incapable hands. “I felt cheated,” said one student. “The candidate I wanted didn’t even make the primaries.” For many students, this is the first presidential election they can express their vote and a vast majority we interviewed don’t seem to care for either candidate.