Laughing at trouble

If Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth had a baby with Tom Waits it might cry a song that sounds a lot like Aaron Kyle. His new self-titled release from is a slight side trip from his past Wilco-influenced production. This new one is live and raw. Untamed passion is cute when packaged tightly, but Aaron’s new album is not cute; it’s the real undisguised and relaxed expression of a man who has accepted the weight of a broken heart. These new songs, much like the old songs, see through the pain and laugh at the trouble, much like having a flat-tire in a flowering field.


Unlike lap-topper solo performers, Aaron puts on a solid show. He stands tall and plays his songs honest and sincere. Right now he’s in the middle of a coast-to-coast tour. As you know, performances are always best when the musician is in mid-stride and effortlessly expressing the world as they see it.


Go see Aaron Kyle with Chris Harrison play tonight at Acme on 1305 S.E. Eighth Ave.