Let’s get High on Fire

High on Fire

C Average
Berbati’s Pan
Third and Ankeney
$8 advance
21+ w/ID
Stoner rock – who needs it, right? Well everybody needs a dose of some good heavy, fuzzy guitar rock now and again, and there’s no better purveyor than San Fransisco’s High on Fire.

Headed by former Sleep guitarist Mike Pike, High on Fire is regularly touted as the heaviest band on Earth. Sleep was a monster in the stoner genre. After an untimely demise following the release of their 52-minute song “Jerusalem” fans were left reeling. But now High on Fire carries the mantle.

As with all of what is dubbed “stoner rock,” High on Fire’s sound is one which needs no pharmacutical enhacement – the music itself is a psychotropic substance, acting on the mind of the listener and taking her far away.

Expect it to be really LOUD at Berbati’s on Friday. Pike cranks up his vintage Orange amplifier and will likely rattle the floorboards, if not take out a window.