First off, I would like to offer a small correction to this article [“43 requires written notice to parents before abortion,” Oct. 13]. There are actually 44 states with parental notification laws, not 35. I would also like to address the letter you published in the Vanguard by Amy Williams in opposition to Measure 43.

    Ms. Williams says that we do not need a law for something like abortion. Well, Ms. Williams, every other medical procedure there is (and even things like getting your ears pierced or laying down in a tanning bed) requires parental consent, not just parental notification. Abortion is a potentially life-threatening procedure for the girl and yet it can be done on a 15-year-old without the parents having any knowledge of it. Please keep in mind that if this same 15-year-old girl were to go to the school nurse’s office, she could not even be given an aspirin for a headache without her parents giving consent.

    I fully support Measure 43.


Eamon O’Brien



    Wow, do you even have a uterus? [“The new accessory,” Oct. 31.] Please go raise a child before you comment on such matters you obviously don’t know about so cynically.


Melissa Cristenza



    I agree, the sign of a strong society is one that can tolerate dissent of this sort as well as it can tolerate agreement [“Keep PSU open,” Oct. 24]. The people will ultimately judge whether they are right or wrong but we should let them speak and be respectful.



Grad student, Portland