I absolutely oppose Measure 43 [“43 requires written notice to parents before abortion,” 10/13.] If, as was stated in this article, "teens are more comfortable talking about sex," then they will. Why do they need a LAW that forces them to IF this is in fact the true force behind the argument for the measure? Ah ha! Maybe it’s because what fuels Measure 43 is the anti-abortion agenda. Let’s face it, teens in trouble need to go to those who support them. Who is the law to say that the parents are their supporters? Although they should be, I know from experience that it’s not always the case.


Amy Williams

North Portland


Tom Hastings actually got his master’s degree while serving time in prison [“Faculty member arrested, and it’s not the first time,” 10/24.] (I guess that he was hired to help counterbalance all the teachers at PSU with Ph.D.s from Bush and Kerry’s alma mater, Yale.) Hastings has encouraged his students to participate in so-called “civil disobedience.” For whatever it’s worth, he has expressed satisfaction when none of them get arrested for the illegal activity which he encourages, if not outright instigates.

Considering that Tom Hastings’ students may feel coerced into such dubious behavior in hopes of a better grade, perhaps it might be more fair if he would recommend legal protests and/or boycotts so as not to ruin the future lives and careers of impressionable young students. That’s if it is even appropriate for the belief systems which he teaches to be taught at all, in a public university.



Student, PSU