Nicely articulated, Monique [“Do cheap commercials deserve a yes vote?”, 10/20/06]. As a former PSU student (’78-’79), I’m pleased to see fellow Vikings at the "vanguard" of political commentary, so to speak.


One solution to your problem … cut the BIG money out of Oregon campaigns (and thereby severely curtail the amount to blow on expensive TV ad buys!)


Vote YES on measures 46 & 47 – we need both for reform … but with them, Oregon can go from worst to first! For more info, please see www.fairelections.net


Andrew Kaza




The Bears may be destroying the competition [“The Bears and Colts destroying competition,” 10/20/06], but who has the competition been? They’ve played one good team, Seattle. Their competition is a combined 11-19 so far. They play in arguably the worst division in football, and their schedule is full of creampuffs. The Bears may be for real, but I’ll wait until they beat someone good on the road before I put my money on them going anywhere. They have road games against the Giants week 10 and New England week 12. Win those, and I’ll believe.


Mark [no last name given]