Irrational rationale forrevolution?

I only hope you do secede (“A rationale for revolution,” Oct.15, 2004). Over a dozen major media organizations, most of them notfriendly to Bush (the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc),conducted their own recounts in Florida or did in-depthinvestigations of the recount as it was officially done. Not one ofthe major media organizations came to the conclusion that Gore wonthe vote in Florida. To make a statement such as yours based on aNational Opinion Research Center poll instead of any hard facts isreally inexcusable. But when I say you should secede, I mean youand your house specifically since in your highly emotional outburstyou seem to have forgotten that you don’t speak for everyone onyour street, much less your entire state; (despite the repeated useof the Royal “we” in your article). So secede where you have theauthority to do so, and I hope you enjoy being allied with Iran,North Korea, China and the other anti-Bush nations of which you areapparently so fond.

Tim Meyers

I don’t know where you got your information, but Bush wonFlorida in 2000. You sound like a conditional American patriot:Patriotic only if you get your own way.

Eric Siekkinen

Yeah, by all means, secede if Dubya “steals” the election(again). I for one believe that no one, including the entire stateof Oregon, should be forced to be defended against its will. Let mesee: what means have liberal Oregonians developed to defendthemselves from Jihadist terrorist attacks? You would, of course,as a “seceded,” independent entity be removed from under thesmothering blanket of U.S. defense arrangements. I think Oregonshould go for it: you don’t want to be part of the American defenseagainst terrorists, then by all means get up on that old hilltop,wave your collective arms against the skyline, and shout “shootme!” as loud as you can. I’m sure someone will eventually comealong to shoot you (or remove your head). If Oregon secedes it willhave made love to that employment.

Michael McCanles
Wauwatosa, Wis.

It is so interesting reading articles and letters these daystouting the idea of secession as though it is a new idea, yet whenwe Southerners tried to secede 140 years ago, we were attacked bythe United States, lost 150,000 young men defending our homes, thenwere labeled as “traitors,” and sentenced to “Reconstruction.” Now,the economy of the South is still lower than the rest of the UnitedStates, our Confederate flag and Southern heroes are derided andabused, all because we Southerners tried to exercise our God-givenright to live in peace and freedom in a Constitutional Republic.Contrary to popular opinion, the idea of secession was not decidedonce and for all by the War Between the States. More power to you,Oregon!

David A. Anthony
Palm Harbor, Fla.

The Democrats tried to steal the ’00 election, but wereprevented from doing so by the United States Supreme Court. That’sthe facts. If you look, you’ll find them.

Ken Olson
Clarksville, Mich.

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in months. I see the looneyleft is alive and well in Oregon.

Since I can only assume Chaelan MacTavish is a part of theanti-war movement, how does he propose defending Oregon once itsecedes from an attack by the evil forces of the U.S.government?

I’d like Mr. MacTavish to explain to me why there are moreregistered voters in the Democratic Party Machine-controlled Cityand County of Philadelphia, Pa., than there are people of votingage? I’m sure Mr. MacTavish has never heard the Democratic Machinemantra: vote early; vote often.

William Kirk
Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Nothing would please me more than to see the left-wingBush-Haters in Oregon leave the union. Please, do it. I will donatemoney if that will help.

William Brandon
Fort Worth, Texas

Works for me, we don’t need a bunch of liberal commies in thiscountry. Please, Oregon, leave and make America whole again.

Ron Ziarnick

Please do secede, I beg you. Take the rest of your socialist,err, “progressive” states with you. You will not be missed.

Then the lines will be drawn and we can finally, at long last,formally recognize you as the enemies of liberty and freedom andstart trading bullets instead of rhetoric. Long live McCarthy!

Ron Glass
Columbus, Ohio

Supporters of 36 need to geteducated

We will defeat 36 here in Oregon (“Measure 36: Things lookdifferent here,” Oct. 12, 2004). There is no room fordiscrimination in this great state. I wish people would get overtheir fears and grab an education while they’re at it. I meanreally who are the gay people hurting anyhow?

Grow up and raise your own dammed families. Celebrate yourconservative views in private while YOU exercise them as I do notcare to join and should not have to. We are all entitled to ourviews but do we really have to shove them down the throats of allcitizens?

Jefrey Allen
Portland, Oregon

Supporters of 36 not so bad

I am extremely disappointed in this article (“Blocking Measure36.” Oct. 7, 2004). The way that you are portraying the “Yes on 36″supporters is false. I happen to know them, and they would not dothe things that you are accusing them of. They have every right tobe there at the University, unless I am mistaken about what ourcountry was founded on; freedom and truth. Those who claim tosupport freedom and love are the ones who are violating it. Youdon’t see the “Yes on 36” supporters blocking the “No on 36″tables, or hurling insults and cursing at them. Why is it that thepeople who say they are for peace and tolerance are the only onesdenying it?

I am sick of the bias in this country and the denial of theright to free speech to anyone with morals or values. I believethat everyone has the right to free speech, and if you claim tobelieve it, too, this is all I have to say: actions speak louderthan words.

Jennifer Rogers

Praise the Flag

Nice to see some respect for the [Black] Flag’s later works(“Screams From the Vault,” Oct. 8, 2004). I got into BF after thischick I liked gave me a tape that had “Depression” and “Rise Above”on it. That was in 1983. I was hooked. I can’t say enough aboutalbums like My War and In My Head. I never would have made itthough high school without them. Often overlooked is the Live ’84album. Check out the live versions of the My War material.Smoking.