Proper awareness of racism: I am writing in response to your cover story on Tuesday, April 26 titled “Muslim student group racially targeted on the Internet.”

Proper awareness of racism

I am writing in response to your cover story on Tuesday, April 26 titled “Muslim student group racially targeted on the Internet.” The article suggests in the title that the targeting was “racially” motivated but offers no actual evidence to support this link.

Islam is comprised of many races and ethnicities. When it is targeted, it cannot actually be said that any particular race or ethnicity is targeted as a consequence. “(S)everal racially insensitive comments from viewers” on youtube is the closes the article comes to identifying this as a racial issue.

While it is important to spread awareness of racism and confront it where it exists, it is equally important to recognize our social responsibility to accurately identify and report on it. Exaggerating racial motivations on our campus serves to reinforce important misconceptions and fears about a sensitive issue (especially as minority students from different communities across the world make PSU their home). It is also counterproductive to the actual progress we have achieved as a society and a campus community to broadcast racism as a core element in an issue where there in fact is none.

Until now I have been pleased to see an uncompromising attitude toward social responsibly and journalistic standards in the Vanguard. Please refrain from such departures in the future.


Meric Ajami


Society needs to be less about the individual

“As egotistical as it may sound,”…….. it sounds completely egotistical (“Not tying the knot,” April 29)! The idea that marriage is becoming more of just an “option” rather than an essential part of life is absurd. If it is true that no one mentioned marriage as a goal when you interviewed people, I think it’s really unfortunate. To me personally, marriage and raising a family are my top goals. It is really disappointing that this society has become so focused on the individual. It’s completely self-driven. The reality is that we are nothing without each other! People are so career-oriented and focused on living just to work. What happens after you retire, or if you lose your job? Will your so-called career really mean that much at the end of your life? People should focus more on building families and life-long, meaningful relationships, instilling good values in themselves and one another and making society a more welcoming, cohesive place.

Azadeh Chitsaz