Look haberdashing in a jaunty hat this spring

So you’re about to leave your house for the day and decide to take one last look in the mirror. Outfit on point? Check. But something’s missing, something to tie the whole shebang together. But what?

Enter the hat. Yes, you may have worn one before on a bad hair day, but beanies don’t really count—especially if you’re the kind of person who wears one in the summer. That doubly doesn’t count. So come with me, my friend, and we’ll discuss your headgear options.

Sunhats are a good starter hat, and they aren’t just for gardening. Even though they’re made of a wicker or straw material, they do come in more than one color—sometimes they’re even striped.

They look good with maxis, floral dresses, striped dresses, pretty much any summer outfit you can think of (maybe not basketball shorts). They’re a wardrobe staple once the weather starts warming up, and you can find anything from one with a ribbon band and cute curled rim to one with a flop-in-your-face, extra-large brim. They’re also functional, or something, for, like, keeping the sun out of your eyes. Bonus.
Felted hats are another great option because there are so many classic styles to choose from. Additionally, unlike sunhats, felted hats don’t look weird when you wear them with a thick coat in the fall and winter, and they can even be worn into the spring. Who woulda thought?

One of the nice things about felted hats is the many different shapes they come in. If you do your research, you’re bound to find one that suits the shape of your face and personal style. You can even make them more your style by adding a colorful ribbon as a band or gluing some feathers to the side. You can’t go wrong with a felt hat; they’re a pretty alright choice. I mean, Jack White wears them. So why can’t you?

We can’t forget about baseball caps and visors, now can we? If you like adding a little street cred to your outfit, or enjoy looking like a ’90s tourist come summertime (as I do), these two are going to be your BFFs. Make sure you find one that has your favorite cheap beer logo on it and rock it like only you can. You go, you—and don’t’ forget your fanny pack!

There are also a wide variety of other hair and head accessories out there that don’t fall under the hat umbrella, if you’re thinking a hat isn’t quite for you. Headbands, snoods, scarves and flower crowns are just a few other options out there—but those are all subjects for another discussion.

One last note: If you’re in the market for a fedora, please—for the love of god—at least get one with a wide brim that looks more like a sunhat than an accessory purchased at the Nice Guy Emporium. You owe it to humanity.