Looking to the future

Apparently, I’m the only motherfucker who bought a new album this year. These jams are smoother than the inside of Sade’s elbow.

1. Chromeo, She’s In Control – Yes, it’s tongue in cheek and, yes, I hate on ironic music from sun up. But this album bumped in the bedroom and every house party I’ve been to since February. Disposable but oh, so good.

2. MF Doom, MM Food – This is the album I’ve been waiting for since Operation:Doomsday. The Viktor Vaughn offerings and Madvilliany were all brilliant, but this is the real Doom in all his dirty, flipping, awkward flow madness. This is one emcee that never, never, never, ceases to amaze me.

3. Madvillian, Madvilliany – This is the only moment Madlib spends on the list. Which is weird, because he is a fucking genius. Buy and love everything he touches. Do it! Now. His pairing with MF Doom for this album was my highlight of ’04.

4. TV on the Radio, Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes – The desperate energy on this album reminds me that rock music can be viable. And there’s do-wop on there too! This band is going to explode. Seriously.

5. Joanna Newsome, Milk Eyed Mender – Well, I have to admit I had a little trepidation at first. She plays the harp and sings like a child, but goddamn if she isn’t brilliant.

6. Devendra Banhart, Rejoicing In The Hands & Nino Rojo – Imagine Billie Holiday, John Fahey and Donovan had a baby. It would be this brilliant, strange man.

7. Oh No, Disrupt – Finally Oh No steps out of older brother Madlib’s shadow. This album is more straightforward than Mad’s work, but nonetheless brilliant. Add a little J Dilla production and you’ve got a jeep bumper.

8. Prefuse 73, T5 Soul Sessions – Speaking of jeep bumpers, Prefuse takes a break from rolling to release this hour long mix of his own dub plates and the best psych Spain has ever offered the world. If only there were a tracklist!

9. MIA, Sunshowers 12" – The Galang single is a burner too, but this 12" proves MIA is more than a two-step one hitter. Fuses Dancehall with British grime, a club favorite in the making.

10. Diplo, Florida – At first you’re like, "Good instrumental album." Then you’re like, "Oh, shit!" At last the South is represented. And this cat is everywhere! Look out for his MIA mixtapes: two great tastes that taste great together, and also kill me.