Make your own damn club

If the bevy of intramural sports being offered this year at PSUdoesn’t spark your interest, there is another option: do it yourdamn self. That’s right, I said it. Do it yourself. Put togetheryour own team of elitists to participate in PSU’s club sportsleague.

All you need to start a club sport is yourself and fourlike-minded individuals who wish to participate in whatever it maybe, from bike jousting to skydiving. Okay, those are the extremes.But anything is possible, a point that new club sport directorRobin Lewallen stresses…frequently. Lewallen has been on the jobless than a month, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

“I just want new students to know that they have options,”Lawallen says earnestly.

Options are one thing not lacking in club sports. There arealready several established clubs and more clubs that are in theprocess of being reactivated.

Lewallen has been inundated with calls regarding the women’ssoccer program, which looks to be close to assembling a roster. Themen’s team is already well established, with the club coming off abanner year in which they were club champions.

If you thought the terms winning and PSU sports weren’t to beuttered in the same sentence, think again. Look on the Internet fora forthcoming website.

Another club looking to have a big year is the snowboardingclub. For the first time ever the snowboard club intends to field ateam for competition and is seeking members with a lot, a little,or no experience. They are willing to train newcomers to the sport,which is a trend most clubs are following. No experience is needed,just a desire to learn and have fun. Oh, and winning a fewcompetitions wouldn’t be bad either.

Like every other possible student organization, from the YoungRepublicans to the Dungeons and Dragons fan club, club sports willhave a booth at Party in the Park on Friday, October 1st, Therewill be featured demonstrations and other activities, whichLewallen promises will be both fun and informative. Staff will bethere to help sign people up for existing clubs and help thoseinterested in seeing a Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw revival; no, I am notmaking that name up.

If getting involved is a foreign concept to you, club sports area (relatively) painless way of getting your feet wet and withliterally any sport imaginable there is little doubt that somethingwill catch your eye, even if it is Bak Shaolin.