Meth materials confiscated from college housing

Tuesday at 4 p.m. Portland Police and the Oregon Department of Health confiscated methamphetamine-related materials from Goose Hollow Plaza apartment 107, cordoned off the room and detained a suspect.

Authorities confiscated alcohol and ephedrine, two key ingredients in the manufacture of methamphetamine, but the designation of the location as an "illegal drug lab" was a precautionary move.

"They posted that because they weren’t sure if the guy had done some processing in the past," Portland Police spokesman Brian Schmautz said.

A neighbor in the building saw the tenant speaking with apartment managers shortly before the authorities closed off the apartment Tuesday.

The tenant of the apartment was evicted in addition to being arrested, according to a memo to residents from Tomas Zamudio, the housing operations manager. As of press time, the tenant’s identity could not be ascertained.

The apartment will be closed off until the Oregon Department of Health certifies that it is safe to enter, the memo said.

Goose Hollow Plaza is owned and operated by College Housing Northwest, a local non-profit contracted with Portland State to provide housing to students.

The seizure came one day after new regulatory rules regarding the sale or purchase of meth-related materials went into effect around the state.

The new rules require purchasers of ephedrine, a common ingredient in cold medications, to show identification and leave personal information on file.