Move to a new beat

Zumba’s slogan speaks for itself: “Ditch the workout, join the fun.”

Zumba’s slogan speaks for itself: “Ditch the workout, join the fun.”

The fast-paced dance fitness class is a cardio workout students actually enjoy. Zumba is a Latin infused type of dance that combines working out with a whole lot of hip shaking and arm pumping. It is currently offered as a Group X class at the Academic and Student Recreation Center and has students coming back time after time.

Teacher of the Zumba Group X class, Katarina Colaco, said of the style, “It really incorporates many different types of dance: Cumbia, reggaeton, South American and Mexican styles, and even hip-hop techniques.” She said the broad range of music that the dance style uses is one of the things about it that interests a wide variety of people.

Colaco has been dancing for many years, and was on dance team in high school along with studio performing as well. She said she got into the style after taking a Group X class herself, and found that she enjoyed the great workout out it offered.

“You can burn up to 700–1,000 calories just in one hour of Zumba and you don’t even realize you’re working out,” she noted.

A usual Zumba Group X class consists of an interval format where there is high-intensity and lower-level cardio. The combinations also include strength for arms and legs.

“Sometimes teachers will incorporate weights, but I try to focus on strength without them,” Colaco said.

She couldn’t say enough about the pure fun that the dance style brings.

“You really find what makes you feel confident and beautiful,” she instructed her class. And judging by the laughs and smiles of the nearly full class, the style really does evoke a sense of beauty.

The class will continue to be offered as a Group X class through the rest of spring term and over summer term starting on June 21.  Currently it is offered 6–7:15 p.m. on Monday and 5–6 p.m. on Friday. During summer term Colaco will teach on Monday and Wednesday from 6:15–7 p.m.

She said to any interested people that they should keep an eye on the summer term schedule as there may be a second teacher holding classes as well.

In the end Colaco challenges anyone to come and try Zumba and not have fun. “It’s impossible not to like,” she said.