Music, Music: Read all about it!

Portland has long been known for its punk-rock indie styles. While the underground scenes of yesteryear may seem to be fading beneath the overpowering shadows of brand-spanking-new high-rise apartment buildings, fancy organic grocery stores and over-the-top artisan ice cream shops, many Portlanders hold fast to the city’s indie roots. This can be evidenced by the July 9–10 16th annual Portland Zine Symposium, where attendees perused over 150 independent zine exhibitors tabling throughout Northeast Portland’s Ambridge Event Center.

According to PZS organizers, many of these indie magazines and publications include content dedicated to helping OG and brand new Portlanders navigate the city’s rich music scene. A list of the symposium’s vast array of exhibitors can be found at

Portland Music Magazines

Here’s a list of some additional Portland’s own music-themed publications you can find floating around the city’s corners, coffee shops, dive bars, punk rock basements…and Powell’s Books.

She Shreds Magazine
Locally founded and operated magazine that highlights badass guitarists and bassists who happen to be female. #shefuckingshreds

“We strive to change the way women guitarists and bassists are depicted and presented in the music industry and popular culture by creating a platform where people can listen, see and experience what it means to be a woman who shreds. Our goal is to transcend boundaries like gender and genre—supporting radicalism, respect and revolution.”

Where to find She Shreds:


In Print: Powell’s Books, Beacon Sound, Rich’s Cigar Store, Trade Up Music North, Old Town Music, Tender Loving Empire and more. She Shreds also distributes in several other states between here and the east coast.

Cost: Usually $10 per issue

Eleven PDX Magazine
Southwest Portland–based magazine dedicated to any and all things related to Portland’s music scene.

Eleven is the definitive source for learning about new local and national music, getting the inside scoop on your favorite bands, and finding great concerts in our awesome city of Portland.”

Where to find Eleven PDX:


In Print: All over Portland really. Some big distribution spots include Mississippi Studios, Holocene, Every Day Music, Aladdin Theater, Jackpot Records, Sizzle Pie, Tender Loving Empire, and PSU’s very own Smith Memorial Student Union.

Cost: Free

Vortex Music Magazine
Quarterly magazine focused on diving deep into Portland’s music scene and culture through long-form journalism and multimedia.

“Both thoughtfully explore Portland’s music scene, covering aspects and angles often untouched by other media outlets that simply skim the surface of the music community. We’re not just about what’s hot at this very moment—we aim to tell the stories of the culture, creators, educators and businesses that support our thriving music scene.”

Where to find Vortex:


In Print: Aladdin Theater, Beacon Sound, Crossroads Music, Everyday Music, Holocene, Music Millenium, Missisippi Studios, Tender Loving Empire, Whole Foods Market Hollywood, Wonder Ballroom. Many, many more coffee shops, bars and theaters.

Cost: Free on stands or donation-based subscription.

AboutFace Magazine
This PDX-based interview-heavy magazine familiarizes us with the names and faces of dynamic Portlanders, including local and visiting musicians.

Self Description:
“Highlighting the celebrities among us, from the famous to the infamous. Focusing on innovators in all fields and industries: arts, culture, music, fashion, business, design and science. With a special spotlight on local heroes, those people who make a difference every day.”

Where to find AboutFace:


In Print: New Seasons Markets, Food Front, Rich’s Cigar Store, Powell’s Books, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods Markets.

Cost: $4.95 per issue.