Music world happenings

Reznor still weird
If you, like me, have been jonesing for new Nine Inch Nails sinceThe Fragile came out in 1999, (yes, it was two discs full ofTrent-y goodness, but that’s not enough to last five years), thewait may soon be over.

Trent Reznor, the beating heart of NIN, recently spilled hisguts about the new album in an online Q&A session with membersof a NIN mailing list and he had some encouraging things to sayabout Bleed Through, the upcoming album due later this year.

“One of the rules of this record has been to orchestrate usingonly monophonic voices. No chords. Anywhere,” Reznor explained.”Most of the synthesis has been done with a rather elaborate andever-growing modular rig and recorded live. … Editing andcorrecting is avoided, if possible [and] whole takes are encouragedas opposed to looping.”

Post office security guards carry guns?!

Cris Kirkwood, formerly bassist of the seminal Meat Puppets, islooking at two years in prison for assaulting a post officesecurity guard last December, according to MTV News.

The imbroglio was apparently sparked by an argument betweenKirkwood and a woman with whom he was arguing over a parking space.The security guard intervened, and he came to blows with Cris. Thebrother Meat apparently used his enchanted porkfist on the wrongsecurity guard, as the incident left him with a gunshot wound tothe stomach and landed him in the hospital. Luckily for Kirkwood,the prison is purportedly not too far away from his favoriteswimming hole.

What in the hell is swamp-punk?
Swamp-punk legends The Cramps will be gracing California’sHootenanny festival this summer. Though they released an album lastyear, and as such are technically still together, what makes theirappearance at the rockabilly showcase so special is that the lineupthat the original will be playing, not the mishmash of old and newmembers that recorded Fiends of Dope Island in 2003. Aversionreports that the reconstructed rockers will be headlining thehootenanny.

Rapper resembles Wicked Witch of the West
Multi-platinum rapper 50 Cent lost his cool last Friday after beingshowered with water by the audience at a surprise gig at theHippodrome Club in Massachusetts, according to

Apparently, an incensed Fiddy leapt off the stage in pursuit ofthe water-throwing attendees, followed by his bodyguards andentourage. Police arrested two men after the show for disturbingthe peace. The club’s owner says that he could not tell whether ornot a fight broke out, so no charges are being pressed againstCent.

After the disturbance, 50 returned to the stage to finish hislast song then rushed off, aborting his set. The fuzz are alsoinvestigating a shooting that occurred a few blocks away from theconcert, just to make sure that the raging rapper had noinvolvement.

Rush guitarist’s hijinks threatens tour
It seems like musicians just aren’t having a good time with thepolice these days. Alex Lifeson, guitarist for prog rock outfitRush, has a trial date coming up June 14 for, you guessed it,battery.

According to MTV, the guitarist had been partaking a little toomuch last New Years Eve and ended up shoving a police officer downa flight of stairs in Florida. Lifeson is seeking to postpone thetrial date due to Rush’s tour schedule, which will place them onthe road at the time of the trial.