Music world happenings

*For die-hard Elliott Smith fans like myself, the months sincehis death, by whatever cause, have been tinged with extra anxietyover the status of his unreleased album. Tentatively titled From ABasement On The Hill, the album was nearing the mixing stage whenElliott’s expiration caused it to grind to a halt.

However, Gary Smith, the late musician’s father, has revealed toSweet Adeline, the official Elliott Smith Web site, that the albumwill possibly be released as soon as this September. The 30-plustracks that will make up the record have been handed over toElliott’s family by Dreamworks. The studio equipment that Smith wasusing to work on his album is being sold to help cover theexpenses, with the stipulation that the buyer take possession ofall the equipment as a cohesive whole.

*In a move that will likely cause much consternation, indieinstitution Guided By Voices has announced their intent to splitafter the completion of their upcoming album Half Smiles of theDecomposed, according to Pitchfork Media. The long-lived group hasput out a total of 14 LPs, numerous box sets, compilations and evena best-of, and feels that they have reached the end of the windingroad of low-fi rocking that they have traveled for the last 20years.

Frontman Robert Pollard commented on the finality of thesituation in a Web posting (according to Aversion) where he opined,”We are the kings of indie rock. When we quit, indie rock willdie.”

*What better way to introduce your children to the wonderfulworld of acid than with The Beatles’ kid-friendly trip-out “YellowSubmarine”? According to NME, Apple Corps will be teaming up withWalker Books to release a children’s book based on the classicfilm. The book will be done in September, allowing you to read itto your child(ren) as you listen to the new Elliott Smith album,and of course drop the same kind of good-time, sunshiney acid thatthe Beatles loved so much.

*Apparently invasion and military bullying aren’tenough. According to a report in NME, U.S. soldiers are adding yetanother weapon to their high-tech, multi-million dollar arsenal:AC/DC. Troops are apparently using “Shoot To Thrill” to aggravateand incite their enemies, Iraqi “insurgents,” into madly leavingcover and open to attack. Maybe they would have better luck if theyactually played bad music. I know that if they drove down my streetplaying something like Dokken or Whitesnake, I might be moreinclined to attack.

*The reunited Pixies seem to be unable to get enough of eachother, as they plan to extend their tour through December, adding awash of new dates, according to Aversion. Unfortunately, none ofthem are in Portland; the closest show is in Bend, at the soullessLes Schwab’s Tire Amphitheater.

To me, the fact that they would choose, of all the excellentplaces in Oregon that they could play, the venue affiliated with amoney-obsessed right-wing rancher, makes me question the integrityand motivation behind their reunion. Could it be that they reallyare only in it for the money? Or maybe they’re getting some freetires.

*According to a rumor on, British popstressesThe Spice Girls might be working together again. It probablywouldn’t happen for a while, but Mel B has hinted at a Spice Girlsreunion of sorts after their greatest hits album comes out. “Wekeep on talking about it, but everybody has branched off to dotheir own thing,” she told The New York Daily News.