Following close behind NCAA regulations that took place in Division II athletics earlier this year, the NCAA could loosen regulations that would allow athletes to compete in college sports after spending one year in the pros.

The NCAA management council met April 9 and 10 to discuss a controversial slate of changes.

If approved, the changes would allow high school players to accept prize money, sign contracts, compete with professionals, earn money following graduation and enter the draft, while keeping their eligibility.

Students would only be able to participate in Division I athletics if they spent one year or less playing for a professional team, and they would lose one year of eligibility. Recent Division II legislation allows an athlete to participate in athletics after three years of professional play, with the athlete loosing one year of eligibility for each year of pro participation.

If the NCAA management council approves the legislation, the NCAA board of directors must also approve it before the management council finalizes its vote in October.