Need summer housing?

Going home for the summer? Do you have housing plans for fall taken care of? College Housing NorthWest (CHNW) is expecting a very high occupancy this summer, said Douglas Haub of CHNW. Even with more tenants moving out the four-week summer school session will fill almost all of the open residences.If you are going home and you want to keep the exact same apartment that you have, you could sublet your apartment out, said Haub. By subletting out your apartment you will still be responsible for rent if the party that stays in your apartment defaults. To do this you need to contact CHNW.

College housing also has an assignment program that is for students that will be traveling 200 miles or more from the area. This program allows CHNW to automatically put the tenant into an apartment as soon as one becomes available. The student would have to fill out all the paperwork prior to leaving and would be contacted when there is an opening.

Another option is that students can be put on the Central Campus waitlist and will be notified when an apartment becomes available.

If staying on campus, students are allowed to take one term off from school and still live in college housing without penalty. August 1 is the earliest move-in date for new students starting classes in fall. Students are required to be enrolled in at least six credit hours to live in college housing this summer.

CHNW gives month-to-month leases on their apartments and might come up with some late summer deals, Haub said. CHNW does have a one-year lease on the $860 apartments at Goose Hollow Plaza and may offer a lower amount if the student takes the lease.

The other option is to come back at the end of summer and try to get into an apartment. If you take that route, don’t wait too long, Haub warned. September 1, or later, housing will be very tight and it will be hard to find a place by the start of school.

It’s not impossible to find a place, Haub said. “People just can’t be lazy about it.”

College Housing NorthWest is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception of Wednesdays, when they close at 4:30 p.m.