New Paris Theatre


All ages

6 S.W. 3rd


No survey of Portland’s underage clubs would be complete without the venerable Paris. Located conveniently on S.W. 3rd, the Paris has played host to countless high school and punk bands, not to mention ska, rockabilly, hardcore and the occasional hip-hop act. Local faces are almost always guaranteed, and there’s no better place to get started if you’re a local musician yourself. Don’t expect to be able to smoke, and tell your 21+ friends that if they want to tag along, they’ll have to be satisfied with a juice bar. Its damn good juice, though, and if you want to wash down the pop punk and emo that typically haunts the Paris, then break out the cash (no plastic, suburban dwellers!).

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Boozing it up before the show is not advised, to those of you who want to avoid sobriety, as the Paris is notoriously unfriendly to the obviously drunk. Although small and sometimes crowded, the Paris runs along somewhat the same lines as the Meow Meow: a small, locally-oriented venue that provides cheap shows for the younger set. Although you probably won’t be able to catch Smashmouth or Sugar Ray here, you can get some down to earth punk rock and rub shoulders with some locals. And isn’t that what live music is all about?