news brief

The student senate denied the ASPSU budget yesterday by a vote of ?-?-? during their regular meeting.

Concerns about payroll in the Oregon Student Association membership dues were one large concern, as well as the amount allocated to paid spots for a leadership conference held at the PSU campus. Some senators suggested lowering the number of spots for which ASPSU would pay from 50 to 30. ASPSU has paid for 50 people to go in the past, but usually not that many attend.

The budget is due to Student Fee Committee (SFC) by Nov. 30. However, there’s no deadline ASPSU President Amara Marino to get senate approval.

SFC guidelines do allow for something to be added or removed from a submitted budget during the allocations process.

The deadline stands at Nov. 30, but if the senate were to make a drastic change to the budget, then the SFC would most likely allow ASPSU to make the change in their request before the SFC deliberates on the budget, according to SFC Chair Tracy Earll.

– Sara Gundell