News Briefs

A new chance at residency

The Senate Rules Committee of the Oregon Legislature is currently examining House Bill 3651 after it went through the House on Aug. 6.

The bill, following on the heels of the failed Senate Bill 10, would allow U.S. citizen and legal-resident children of illegal immigrants the privilege of receiving in-state tuition rates at Oregon colleges.

Senate Bill 10, which died in committee, would have also extended in-state rates to students who, themselves, were illegal immigrants.

Graduation 2003: The sequel

PSU’s annual summer commencement ceremony will be held this Saturday, Aug. 16, at 11 a.m. in the South Park Blocks between Smith Memorial Student Union and the Simon Benson House.

Viking on-air

PSU football and basketball have signed a three-year deal with NewsTalk 620 KTLK AM to broadcast Viking games, beginning this fall.

11 football games and 27 men’s basketball games will be broadcast on the radio station, as well as several postseason contests.

PSU sports broadcasts will still continue to be offered on the university athletics website,