Mostly all ages

1800 E. Burnside


Nocturnal is one of the newest additions to Portland’s stable of venues. Featuring both an all-ages and 21+ section, Nocturnal is becoming a local favorite despite its relatively tender age. With a wide variety of events, (from rock to hip-hop and everything in between), the Nocturnal is also host to workshops and classes, video screenings, craft nights, dance lessons and pretty much anything you’d ever need to attend. As if that weren’t enough, they have a full selection of wine, beer, and delicious food prepared on site (tater tots recommended). Tired of plastic cups containing a dubious amount of watery Pabst? Nocturnal is your spot (although the Pabst is still gonna be watery … no getting around that), bringing a touch of class to this refreshingly local-oriented theater. Local artists are almost always playing, so Nocturnal is a great place to get a feel for the kind of music that the City of Roses has to offer.

Now that I’ve given my spiel, what do the lovely and talented owner and booker, Bethany Pratt and Seann McKeel, respectively, have to say on behalf of their club? “We see Nocturnal open in the future. We see lots of bizarre & creative people encouraging/participating in an active space, knitting (LOTS of knitting), fun events for children (LOTS of children) we see lots of music (we hear lots of music – right now actually, GEEZ that band’s good) we eat lots of tater tots, we encourage lots of folks with great ideas to approach us about events – we are so down with doing those interactive things that are more than just a concert.” So rock your world and head down to the Nocturnal.